He's a Pirate (from Pirates of the Caribbean)

2017-07-26 02:06:45 by masheenH3ad

About He's a Pirate
He's a Pirate is a musical theme written by Klaus Badelt for the Pirates of the Caribbean films (Series of adventure films about Pirates, arguably the best of its kind). He's a Pirate is featured at the end of each films and it's the first theme that you'll hear as soon as the credits roll. It takes its name from an interesting line in the film referring to Jack Sparrow "He's a pirate!", exclaimed by Weatherby Swan, to which William Turner replies with "And a good man!" 


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He's a Pirate music composed by KLAUS BADELT & HANS ZIMMER
Arrangement written and produced by Paul Adrian Moldez
Performed by
Paul Adrian Moldez: Solo Guitar
Audio recorded & mixed by Paul Adrian Moldez 
Video  filmed & edited by Elmar Siriban
Video produced by LightMedia Production




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2017-07-26 05:51:55

He's awesome!

(Updated ) masheenH3ad responds:

Thank you! [Me]