Thoughts About Opportunity.

2013-03-21 10:11:24 by masheenH3ad

In this world, are opportunities made? or is it something that is given to you? I'd been thinking really hard about it. As I type this, it still bothers me that I am beginning to think the latter might be true. Have you given it a thought? 'cause I just did! It really doesn't matter that you graduated from a premiere university, or You're smart and talented. What matter is where you are and who are you with.

Most successful people I know and read about are examples of this. Let's take my acquaintance for instance, his grand father built a chain of stores, his father built a realty corporation and in thirty years they have created their business empire. His always telling everyone that he is self made. I hate him for that. I hate him for not even realizing that he is not. The reason that he is in his current situation is simply because he just inherited it. Somebody gave it to him.

Opportunity has something to do with the population. Imagine a class room with ten students. What do you think will happen? Even if you are the worst student in that class, no matter what you do, you will finish with honor. Whether you like it or not. Most probably you'll get the 10th honor. The student is lucky enough to have parents who enrolled him in a low populated school. Just Imagine an old man who tell you about how he lead his basketball team as a captain. Then you'll learn that it is a team of 7 kids and he is the tallest.

If you want to have an awesome award, you must be a part of an award giving body. A group of people who will acknowledge you. No one will give you an award if nobody knows what you're doing. If you want to be a Grammy Award Winner, then you should know some people working there or you should be there working in the team/company. So nobody is just nobody sprouting from nowhere. He must be from within.

To wrap this up, we learned that opportunity is a part of a common belief that No Man Is An Island, No One Can Stand Alone. Somebody will give you that big break (Opportunity). Perhaps a senior or someone who has a lot of experience than you. So you must be there! So it could happen. So where is it? It depends on what you are doing. Perhaps you want to make it big in technology, you must go to where the big shots in technology are. If you want to make it big in arts, go to where the art is celebrated and where the patrons of arts are. It is just how the world works. It Is Not What You Know, It Is WHO You Know!


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2013-03-21 10:44:10

good stuff, tho making a success in your art medium can generally be hard.

masheenH3ad responds:

Yes I agree with you. You can increase your chances to get that big break by making the RIGHT connections. You should be in the right place, right time, and right people.


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